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Which commands are required to discover servers in the CloudScape platform?

The below commands are a hard requirement for successful Discovery and Performance collection on devices. This detail can be found running the SSH or Windows validation in the RN150 depending on the OS type:

** sudo true
** iostat
** uname -n
* AIX:
** lsdev
** ps -o etime= -p1
** lsattr -E -l sys0 -a realmem
** ps -e -o pid,cputime,rssize,args
** lsattr -E -l
** ifconfig -a AND entstat [interface_name] (if it is ethernet) AND lsattr -E -l [interface_name] -a state,netaddr,netmask,netaddr6,mtu
** (lsfs OR sudo lsfs) AND (df -Pk OR sudo df -Pk)
* Linux:
** cat /proc/uptime
** cat /proc/meminfo
** ps axwww --no-headers -o pid,cputime,rsz,command
** cat /proc/cpuinfo
** ifconfig -a OR /sbin/ifconfig -a
** (lsblk -dnb --output NAME,MAJ:MIN,SIZE,MODEL (if SLES) OR lsblk -dnb --output NAME,MAJ:MIN,TYPE,SIZE,MODEL) OR fdisk -l OR /sbin/fdisk -l
** cat /proc/partitions
** (mount OR sudo mount) AND df -P
** /sbin/fdisk -l
* Windows WMI:
** Win32_OperatingSystem
** Win32_ComputerSystem
** Win32_Processor
** Win32_DiskDrive
** Win32_Volume
** Win32_Share
** Win32_NetworkAdapter
** Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration
** Win32_Process

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