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NOC Servers

Question: What are the NOC servers used for?    Answer: (, ); This NOC will be used for command/control, authenticating users are entitled to access the assessment, and overall health monit...

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Update service users account

This article will highlight how subscription admin can update service users account. Please note: Only subscription admin can do this. Please follow the following instructions to complete this action. 1. Log into your cloudscape environment 2. Click...


Application & Process page

  This article will highlight how Customers can seek additional information within the platform by Using the search Application & process page, for example, ‘Java version’.   Please follow the following instructions to complete this transaction. 1. ...

Economics report utilization

Question: How utilization information is calculated in the Economics report: Answer: Utilization is calculated using the 95th percentile. The platform will remove the top 5% of utilization to eliminate spikes that will influence the average. This ca...

Discovery Scan Time

Question: How long will it take for a Discovery scan to complete? Answer: A Discovery scan take anywhere from a couple of minutes, to a couple of days, or longer in some cases to complete. Completion time will be dependent on the number of subnets, ...

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Discovery Process

Question: How does the device Discovery process work? Answer: During the Discovery process, the RN150 virtual machine will use ICMP to verify a device is responsive. Once a reply is received, it will then check if WMI, SSH or SNMP ports are open. De...

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Credential Validation (usage)

Question: What is the Validate Credential feature used for? Answer: The credential validation feature is found in the Windows and Linux sections of the RN150. The feature will use the provided credential and attempt to access a device. If successful...

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environmental impact

Question: Can the appliance throttle or step collection to avoid environmental impact? Answer: There is not a feature that allows the appliance to identify over-utilized systems and modify its queries to avoid further over utilization. It will be up...