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View hybrid MS 365 Position returns NOTHING????

When trying to review our hybrid 365 position, clicking link returns nothing of value.  Takes me to ITAM "All Licenses".   How can we access this info?

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Hi Shelby!

I cannot recall if you are using Flexera One ITAM or the on-premises/cloud FNMS? If you are using Flexera One then you should see something to the image below (note this is demo data). If however, you are using the on-premises/cloud FNMS then you will not see any data.

Please let me know and I will do all I can to help.




Hello!  We are on Flexera One ITAM.  I guess the info is similar to what you are showing in the sample data, but I still don't understand how this helps in any way to understand where we are using hybrid.  Attaching a screenshot which I assume is the detail we should be seeing.  To me it's just a link to ITAM All Licenses for Microsoft.  What am I missing?  Thank you so much!

Hi Shelby,

The ITAM All Licenses view is showing you a combined view of the SaaS license assignment and on-premises installations of - in this instance - M365. The data relating to activity in SaaS Manager only shows 'online' usage i.e. Andrew used his E5 license via a browser. However, it doesn't give you the detail relating to how I used that license via my installed M365 applications.

That is where the ITAM 'All Licenses' view comes in to play.

After you following the 'View Hybrid Position' link and as an example using an E5 license:

  • Find the license in the grid view


  • Drill into the license and then select the 'Consumption' option from the right hand side menu
  • Select the 'For more user details, view the User License Details report'


  • Run report
  • From here you can then drill in to a particular user and see how they are using both the online and installed 'on-premises' aspects of their license


Please let me know if you need more details and I will do all I can to help.


Thanks!  I was hoping for an easy way to  view our Azure use.  We have another team that can be critical of Flexera if we aren't matching.  Currently we do not match so I'm trying to back into their data.  Appreciate the answers.