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When a managesoft component reports an error its possible to get windows to automatically email the entry, this only works for the older components (agent components) which are used both on the agent and some parts of the beacon


Computer Management

    System Tools

       Event Viewer

          Application and Services Logs




Windows lets you trigger scheduled tasks to start when a variety of events happen, e.g.:

  • time of day
  • system startup
  • user login
  • event recorded in event log

Armed with this knowledge, you can create a scheduled task that runs when an error is reported.



Choose on an event, basic, and select the log “managesoft”


Here is a list of the fnms components that write logs into the windows logs, If you are not sure what these mean I would recommend reading the following pdf, chapter 1, “understanding what, where , how and why”:


After selecting your log of choice set the event ID to “1”

As we can see in the windows logs Event ID 1 is an Error report



After that ensure enabled is ticked and select okay

This scheduled task's action can then be set to something that sends you an alert - in your choice of methods (e.g. triggers a shutdown). You might just want it to send an e-mail:


So every time this fnms component reports an error it should send an email automatically, you can also set this up for the scheduled tasks as well as other windows components. I have set this up in the past to activate under a variety of scenarios and also to execute scripts instead of emailing (see the actions tab in the last screenshot)

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