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Removing multiple assets from FNMS Cloud

By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hey Guys,

Is there any efficient way of removing multiple targeted devices from FNMS Cloud?

I have several thousand devices that I need to remove from FNMS due to a migration. I have researched on the Community and I have identified a script that can be run - but I am certain this option is only available for On-Prem users >

I know we can also drill down into the web ui and highlight devices, but I need a more targeted approach. Is the most efficient way to carry out this task by building a simple business adapter to carry out this activity? 


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Hi @bmaudlin ,

You can't build a business adapter to delete or remove something from FNMS WebUI. First option is to highlight(use Multiple Highlighter extension for Chrome) page by page and delete them. Otherwise, work with support and check if they can remove from backend on a schedule date/time as per your requirement.