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Mirror Production FNMS Databases to a Dev Environment

We would like to mirror our production databases in our development environment so we have valid data to test.  We would like to synchronize the data on a monthly basis.  Has anyone done this successfully?

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There have been repeated requests in the community, it is worth reviewing what has already been discussed.

Some of our customers have such process in place, but I am not a huge fan of it. Some considerations:

  • Cloning the DB may introduce issues, e.g. if the timing is bad and something is currently running
  • You'll need to do some maintenance on the DB copy and that process alone might be subject to change if Flexera changes stuff between releases
  • A DB-copy-style test environment *might* prevent you from testing imports and adapters (depend on the detailed implementation)
  • I prefer "full" test environments running all the imports and mechanics to come *hopefully* to the same result as production
  • Challange with that is to apply the manually created data from prod to test (like licenses, processed POs, allocations, etc.)

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Thank you Markward for the information!  We are going to heed your advice and will recreate all the adapters, imports and mechanics to come *hopefully* to the same result as production.  

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