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Set up a Test environment

We are setting up our differents environment and I would be interested to know  how other organisation set up those two. Does all assets are scan as in production? How does the changes made in Test is moved to Prod? 

Thank you

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You will find different approach based on your implementation and customer need.

For my customer, I did the following, 2 separate environments ( 2 APP server PROD and TEST, 2 SQL servers PROD and TEST, and a lot of beacons on PROD and 1 on TEST)

Now SCCM imports are scheduled from the same source on PROD and TEST on different days.

Asset imports are scheduled regularly on PROD and on demand on TEST from the same source.

Inventory from agents and vCenter inventory are scheduled and run only from PROD server, because you can't have the same agent reporting the same inventory to 2 separate beacons, or it's to complicated to do this. On prod server I activated the replication folder for IIS, so I catch all the .ndi files that are uploaded, it's very good for troubleshooting and also I created a batch file that will copy this replication folder once per day to the test environment, in this way you solve the issue with vCenter inventory, in our TEST environment it's in a separate zone, and we don't have access from that environment  to the production one.

Regarding commercial upload like PO, contracts, etc, we import it 1st on TEST, test the license models, etc, see if it's ok, and then we do the same on PROD, also the TEST server is used for training, testing thing, upgrade FNMS 1st on test system, etc. 

Twice per year we replicate the PROD to the TEST so that we can have some up to date data.

I know it's not perfect, but this is how we use it.

Thank you, it gives a good start to manage our environment.

Hi Adrian,

I found the below information very informative. Actually I was searching for List of Tasks for FNMS Implementation to get an idea of what all is going to come in near future. 

I will be part of SAM (FNMS) Implementation Team shortly so I was looking for tasks starting from What happens in Initial Workshop to Go Live.

Below information gave a good insight of how the Test and Production Servers are planned.

If you can share additional information on the Flow of Tasks from Workshop to Go Live it would help me in planning.

Actually I had initiated a request "FNMS - List of Implementation Tasks" yesterday in the community. In case iff you want to reply for that


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


It really depends on what you're trying to do with your test environment. Some customers just want to test on compliance level (apps, PO's, licenses, etc.), they ussally just restore a prod db copy in test.

If you're planning to test business imports and inventory adapters, you'll want to connect all datasources natively. As mentioned by Adrian, inventory is usually replicated. Manually created data, like PO's linked to licenses, manual allocations and stuff, need to be ported.

Transition of changes is usually done manually.

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