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MS Visual Studio Business Adapter Query

In our environment, some users have Visual Studio Subscriptions licenses. With a VS subscription license, they can use SQL Server and SQL Server Data Tools for non-commercial purposes.

Right now, when a VS subscription user installs SQL Server or SQL Server Data Tools on their desktop machines, FNMS allocates a separate license for SQL Server. This is incorrect, as SQL Server is part of the VS subscription.

We want to figure out how to create rules that exempt Visual Studio Subscription users from being assigned a separate SQL Server license.

FYI: These desktop machines are set to a production environment and cannot be changed to development for technical/business reasons.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion
  1. Manual exemptions would be an option.
  2. Or you could build a business import to automate exemptions.
  3. Or you could try to have the VS license consume these installations, assuming your VS license is Named User and you can make it consume on Production machines...