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Understanding of Data flow within FNMS


I wanted to know more about the data flow which happens from 'inventory data which is being retrieved from inventory into beacon, Batch, inventory servers for processing, followed by reconciliation. Wanted to know which all databases this data will be hopping to reach the compliance database to be presented on Web UI. We are using FNMS 2023 R1 on-prem in our environment.

Please share the exact Flexera documentation which explains the data flow for this whole process, thanks.

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

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Details on the agent;  be sure to look at the "agent architecture" link from that page.

Agent Third-Party Deployment: Normal Operation

How an Inventory Beacon is chosen

What is an Inventory Beacon

That should get you started 🙂


Hi @mfeinman 

I have referred below community blog, but there are some doubts on the processing of data in FNMS database(adoption, inventory, compliance etc)