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Linking Multiple products to one contract

How to link different products with different service dates into one contract?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This depends on exactly what you are trying to track (FlexNet Manager Suite doesn't have any kind of record to track "products" per se), but here are some thoughts:

  • If you have multiple time-bound agreements (such as maintenance contracts) with different terms under one master agreement, it would be common to create one "master" contract record and then have linked "child" contract records for each individual agreement.
  • If you are seeking to track software license subscriptions, you might create a license record for each subscription. If there is a master contract that covers all of the subscriptions then link the licenses to that contract record.
  • For maintenance periods with different termination dates, it would be common to create a purchase record for each maintenance period/termination date and link those purchase records to the appropriate license record.
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