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Last date for vCenter inventory


For some time I struggle with the following issue.

We have large implementation, with 100+ vCenters, 10 beacon server. vCenters are installed on Windows server machines or appliance.

The issue is the following, I can't figure a way to track the last inventory for the vCenter inventory, as in the VmWare inventory I don't have this information.

If I check in all inventory, last inventory date is ok for the appliance one, but if we have Windows servers, they get a agent installed, and I can't distinguish which date is correct, as they are overlaped.

I was thinking to check in the IM (Inventory Manager) database, to see the raw data, but I don't know in which table to look.

May be some one have some idea how to solve this issue, as checking on every week 107 vCenter in a lot of beacon servers, is not fesable.

Thank you for your support and I wish you all a nice day. 

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At our end we keep a close look at the VMHost last inventory date. This easy to check via all inventory.  If a VMhost has an old inventory that can mean the VMHost doesn't exists anymore or the vcenter inventory is not working.

In the view"All Discovered Devices" field "VMWare inventory" you can check the last inventory date of the Vcenter itself. At least if you us FNMS OOB Inventory Rules and actions.





I don't believe that there is any inventory received for a Virtual Machine from the vCenter integration.  When looking at the All Inventory or Active Inventory view, the Last Inventory Date for a VM Host would come from the vCenter integration and the Last Inventory Date for a Virtual Machine would come from the Flexera Agent (or other source such as SCCM, BigFix, BMC, etc)

Also my believe 😉

Sorry, may be I didn't was very accurate, I want to know the last inventory date for vCenter inventory that is run by the beacon servers.

Regardless if the vCenter have an agent or not installed 🙂

@adrian_ritz1 - You can go to the System Tasks page and search for the Discovery Rule that is performing the vCenter Scan to see the last date/time it was run and if it was successful or not.  Would that work?

It won't work, because in  the case that the  port is closed the result will be successful with a summary: "WMware server has not been discovered on this device".


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Agreed, closest thing to vCenter inventory date is Cluster and/or Host inventory date (see view "Virtual Devices and Clusters"). You can use the existing view or try to create something more elaborate. I think, the ESX Host inventories may contain a hint regarding what vCenter delivered the data?

I used the custom reports from this article:

It will give us the last inventory date for vCenter, I found this report most useful.