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VCenter inventory report for Oracle products

Hello Team,
There is a requirement to create custom report in FlexNet Manager On-Prem(2023 R1) which recognizes Vcenters which have atleast 1 virtual machine with oracle application installed. Also, to get the cores at vcenter level where we have oracle application installed on virtual machine of vmhost. There should be connection between vmhost (vm) and vcenter in the flexera report. Please let me if this report can be created in Flexera(Under Reports).

If possible, kindly share the steps for configuring the report, thanks.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Sachin MS

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Hello Team,

For below VM inventory report in our environment, we are not able to view columns (Cluster, Host, vCenter & Virtual Machine) after running the report. Since it is out of the box functionality, any reason we are not able to view values on these columns atleast ( virtual machine, host & vCenter ). Do we need to getting the NDI files on these inventory devices, is this the only way to troubleshoot further? 

You whould have to use SQL for building these reports.

However, there are some OOTB reports in FNMS that you may be interested in, like:

  1. Oracle Processor Licenses: Oracle Consumption Summary by Partitioning Rule
  2. Oracle Options: Optimum Virtual Architecture
  3. Oracle Processor Licenses: Cluster Optimization Report