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Daily Logs for FNMS System Task

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to set up monitoring system tasks in FNMS. Please can someone help me to find from where we are getting the logs, system tasks involves beacon tasks, vCenter inventory, reconciliation etc. 

Are these stored on DB or anywhere on the App server. If I get the logs, I can setup some monitoring using tools we have.


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"<InstallationDir>\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging"  is where you'll find the logging of the different pieces of the puzzle as they run, on the server side.

Lot of subfolders in here depending on what the system is accomplishing.   On Beacons, the vCenter inventory for example, would show up under the "Inventory Rules" folder as that is run by the Discovery and Inventory Rules configured.   Reconciliations will show up under the "Compliance Reader" folder.  Lots of logs are kept....Happy hunting.

I would recommend reviewing the FlexNet Manager Suite Logging Reference knowledge base article. This article provides the default file paths, and which server each log file is located on. There is also a brief summary of what each log file tracks. 

Some of the log files that are mentioned in this knowledge base article are located on your Inventory beacons. For tasks scheduled from the Beacon, such as an SCCM import, those logs will only be available on the beacon that is scheduled to run the task. 

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