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FNME Dashboard to displays unused license features.

Check with Flexera if dashboard can be created for licenses which not been shows usage for long time.
x feature license = no usage for log long time will be displayed on FNME Dashboard.
Does it workable?

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Yes, but wouldn't that be a quite boring dashboard? (I mean, if it merely presents lists of product/feature names that haven't been used for the last X days... You may want to check out the built-in reports, e.g. the 'Usage Over Time' report template includes 'Feature(s) with usage' as well as 'Feature(s) without usage' in its top section.)

Now, maybe I misinterpret the outcomes that you're looking for so please feel free to elaborate and maybe even provide a mockup of your thoughts may allow other forum members to chime in with better ideas...


By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Hi Patrik

I confirmed what's been said here by John. you can do it using classic report (Usage Summary) or Cognos with a condition "[Usage] is null". You will have to include the time range in your filters