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Interesting: Manage a temporary, no-charge license

Hello fellow FNMSers

Interesting license mgmt topic: We have a SaaS product and 10,500 endpoint-based licenses as our base product. Due to a project, we're spinning up new endpoints and eventually old ones will come down. However, in this period, the new endpoints are causing us to exceed the 10,500 base count by nearly 1,000 (11,500 total)

So the Publisher has given us a temporary buffer license for 1,000 extra to cover this flux. After X-time period, the 1,000 buffer licenses will "expire" - go away forever.

Would you:

  • Option1) Add the 1,000 as a new purchase and connect to the existing base license, increasing the single license from 10,500 to 11,500? At zero cost. Could this throw off other compliance calculations? Any pitfalls to this? Complications?
  • Option2) Create a wholly-seperate license for the 1,000 buffer and retire it at term.
  • Option3) Other not proposed here

Thank you for your brain horsepower.

(2) Replies

Just open the license and go to the Compliance tab.  Look for the field named "Extra Entitlements".  (See attached).  Type a value of 1000 into this field and save the license.  Your purchase count has been increased by 1000!

At the end of this period, go back into the license and change the Extra Entitlements from 1000 back to 0.

Well.... that was easy! Wow. Thank you