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Architecture - How to collect only Oracle data from certain agents

Hello community,

a client has approached us with an interesting architectural question, and I am wondering if some of you have an idea on this one.

Assume that we have a big, international client, where the German organization is handling global licensing for other international organizations. Let's assume that for other vendors (Microsoft, IBM, Adobe) we are already collecting inventory information for devices in the German organization, and some other countries. The contracts with these vendors are not international. Let's assume that the contract with Oracle covers all international organizations, so now they want all, global, Oracle-related inventory information in FNMS (On Prem). However they want to gather only Oracle-related inventory in one place, whereas other vendors are not tracked centrally in one FNMS.

The challenge now is to gather only Oracle inventory information internationally; or to still gather inventory for all vendors internationally, but to process Oracle inventory information only in case of non-German international orgs.

Some solutions I can think of would not apply: 1) Create additional Flexera systems for international organizations (they want at least the Oracle related inventory info in one place). 2) Deploy beacons for international organizations and somehow automatically edit the delivered NDI inventory files (too much work, to imprecise).


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Another approach would be to import all the data into the main system and then use License Restrictions to limit consumption to specific parts of the company.