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IBM licence analysis - high frequency scanning (sub-cap. Db2) what`s about the CPU Load?

Hi all, according to Flexera's manual the scanning process needs up to 50% of a CPU during 130 seconds in normal operation. For the IBM licence analysis there are discussions about "high frequency scanning". I could not find any technical documentation about the load of the servers for this scenario. Therefore I have to assume that this scenario results in a significantly higher load compared ro normal scanning.

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The high frequency (typically every 30 minute) scan is a very lightweight scan that just checks for some hardware configuration changes and uploads inventory if a change is found. The CPU consumption of this operation will typically be a small fraction of the consumption generated when gathering full inventory details.

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The vast majority of the CPU consumption of a normal agent inventory scan happens during the scan of the local hard drives to capture File Evidence.

The High-Frequency Scanning for IBM PVU sub-capacity is only gathering hardware inventory - no software inventory is captured.  Hardware inventory is typically gathered by making API calls to the native OS and is very lightweight in terms of CPU usage or Disk I/O