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Mac OSX and Linux agent issues.

I have been working to get the Mac agent running and reporting to Flexera. After upgrading the system to 2023 R 2 the agent has been installed, however, after trying different settings I'm still unable to gain any confidence it is working correctly.

Initially, it was configured to collect just from the /Applications directory. I expanded that to other locations but it seemed to never recurse through sub-directories. I.e In /Applications it didn't recurse into /Applications/Utilities to pick up say Terminal.
I then set the file evidence to collect from all locations. This did pick up on Terminal however, I've noticed it is still not picking up everything, particularly, applications installed via Package managers like Pip or Brew. 
I thought I read this should pick up on anything that has executable permission assigned to it.

I've noticed under my device evidence tab a few of the apps are named as $(PRODUCT_NAME).
This suggests to me that your scripts are not resolving and instead inputting your variable name directly.
I'm wondering if they might relate to the missing softwares.

My system also reports that Twitter is an installed application. When I look at the evidence I don't find it of any benefit. 
It is unable to lead me to the location of the installation on my device. 
One thing I noticed, is there seemed to be some info about my device from a previous owner. So this was most likely belonging to another person before it was assigned to me, so I was wondering if maybe this Twitter is an old report and hasn't been cleaned up or removed.

I was also wondering. Is it possible to push through the scanning and update of one device?
I'm having to wait 24 hours to see the result of any change. I don't want to update the frequency as that would affect all devices and potentially cause an issue. 

Finally, we also installed Tomcat on a Oracle Linux 8.9 system. This was not picked up. I wanted to ask before expanding the file evidence to all files if that would in fact pick it up or is it likely to not see that like I saw some apps not being reported on 
the macs?

Many thanks!

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I find this thread to be a challenging one to respond to as you're outlining many odd symptoms from different tests. File scanning would normally proceed through sub-directories when specifying /Applications, and the file evidence would normally contain the full directory of the executable when looking into it from a single device. And here you should also be able to see which evidence is found that is interpreted into Twitter being installed on that device.

You could potentially run the inventory agent manually while troubleshooting on a single device, and then reconcile manually to see immediate results in the UI.

Which evidence is found on the Oracle Linux 8.9 device that you would expect resulted in Tomcat being recognized as an installed application?