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Host Link/Unlink Issue

We are facing issue with some of the VMs reporting error 'host not reporting' in Flexera on-Prem. We checked and found in the history tab, that the host are linking and unlinking on daily basis for VMs. So there seems to be no issue on the vCenter end and integration is properly done on Flexera. 

Could anyone please assist how to work on this issue?


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Do you use  the VMware HA feature and maybe see multiple VMs with the same UUID (serial no) in your inventory?

No we are not using HA feature. Here we have the same VM reporting host one day and next day its disappears. When  checked in the History tab for the VM, we find the Host are linking and unlinking.

@jassi767 - For your server VMs, are you importing any inventory sources other than vCenter and the Flexera Agent?

No we are not importing it from any other source apart from Flexera Agent.

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

A starting point to get some more insight on what operation is doing the linking and unlinking may be to match timestamps of link/unlink actions shown on the History tab of the inventory device records with timestamps of particular steps during the inventory import process that you see in the import logs downloaded from the System Tasks page.

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