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Can TLS 1.0 an 1.1 be disbaled on a beason is there are still Win 2008 or below machines in the enviroment?

Can TLS 1.0 an 1.1 be disabled on a beacon is there are still Win 2008 or below machines in the environment?

I have a customer asking for this , but I remember reading somewhere that Windows 2008 or below cannot use 1.2, current communication is internal only over http.

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Community Manager

Windows Server 2008 (maybe only R2 or later?) can use TLS 1.2 as long as an appropriate Windows update is installed.

I don't believe releases of Windows prior to that support TLS 1.2, so you would need to keep older TLS versions enabled (or use HTTP rather than HTTPS) if older versions of Windows are still operational and supported in the environment.

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