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Flexnet analytics for Multi-tenant environment


we are using the FNMS multi-tenant environment for which the Analytics tool can't be used, do anyone have any workaround to use the Analytics with Multi-tenant.

If yes, please provide me the steps to be followed. 



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Hi @Vijayflexera ,

thanks for posting and i'm also facing the issue and hope i too will get an answer for this and i'm using an 2018R2 on prem setup.





we are running a multi-tenant enviroment too (2019R1) and it is still not possible to use Analytics.

It depends on what you want to do or report, maybe i can see if we are facing the same issue and if we have a workaround.


Hi @Vijayflexera@daves1 , @daniel_klein,

The MSP build for FNMS does not include Cognos licensing. So you would have to use your own licensed version of Cognos with the instructions called out in the following document:

Please log a case if you do have the licensing in place and the configuration called out in our install guide does not sort things out for you.



Hi Vijay,
Do you mean that we have to request for additional licenses for COGNOS? is it bundled with Analytics modules.

@Vijayflexera - At the present time, our OEM agreement with IBM does not allow Flexera to include Cognos with the FNMS On-Premises Multi-Tenant solution. 


Therefore, you would need to purchase your own license for Cognos and install it.


Thanks for your answer and the linked document. Unfortunately i didn't found the Analytics part in the documentation.

Did i understood that correctly: it is possible to use Analytics/Cognos in a multi-tenant enviroment, but it must be licensed seperately (not like it is with the singel tenant/on premise FNMS)


That's correct, currently Flexera's OEM agreement with IBM on bundling IBM Cognos Analytics with FlexNet Manager is limited to single tenanted installations for on-premise implementations.