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FNM + Tanium Asset (tci_Computer)

We are testing an implementation of Tanium Asset feeding data to FNM and we found something that does not align with our thoughts. The tci_Computer table of the Asset DB shows a value for ci_item_disk_total_space that does match our internal values found. Following this, we did some digging and made some observations resulting in questions about desired results for FNM.

1.) Should ci_item_disk_total_space include values from optical drives? We found that this is being included in the calculation.

2.) (This is less important) Do you see any issue in the fact that Tanium is converting the raw disk space value to a "pretty" (PB, TB, GB, MB) integer and then Asset is doing the math to convert that integer back into a raw size? It'll be off by whatever non whole amount was dropped.

Just trying to determine if this is the intended design or not before proceeding.

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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hi @dcopher ,

The tci_Computer table is maintained by Tanium and not by Flexera. Therefore we are not sure about the information in that column. We had a look at the Tanium Asset documentation, but couldn't find the definition for the column/attribute "Total Disk Space". 

The documentation that we looked at is located at:

Can you please reach out to Tanium support to get this information? They should be able to help you with the second query as well. We will also keep looking for documentation which could explain these.

Please let us know if you want anything further.