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FlexNet Agent Not Picking Up Oracle Database

Running into an issue where the Windows FlexNet agent is working properly in all regards except it is not showing the Oracle that resides on a specific server in FNMS. All the other Windows agents are recognizing the other Oracles instances just fine within this organization, but this PeopleSoft server does not. The agent is running as System which appears to be in the ora_dba group and all other prerequisites seem to have been met. The attached tracker.log shows that the configuration properties for the Oracle home could not be discovered. Any ideas on what that means and how to remedy it?

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Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

I have not experienced this issue however two things that could be helping.
It might be that the oracle_home environment variable is not available for your system user
Activate file scanning in the inventory settings, add the path to where you usually have the databases installed

Have you turned on tracing to see what is going on when the agent is scanning? Which operating system is this on nix or windows?


• On Windows, the default is C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\etcp.trace
• On UNIX-like platforms, the default is /opt/managesoft/etcp.trace.


The key information in the logging here is the following line:

[3/9/2020 9:17:13 AM (G, 0)] {7704} WARNING: Configuration properties for the Oracle home "D:\psft\db\oracle-server\" could not be discovered and instances in this home will not be inventoried.

This log message indicates that there was a failure in any one of several steps that are encoded in the InventorySettings.xml file (this file contains details the agent uses to drive the Oracle Database inventory gathering process). However in the case of a failure like this, the logging is somewhat limited and it does not give insight into what the specific problematic step is attempting to do.

Turning on some tracing by editing the etcp.trace file as @steven_donovan1 has suggested may give some further insight here beyond what the logging you have says. But if that doesn't help it is likely you will need to raise a case with Flexera Support to get some assistance and specific guidance on how to dig deeper.

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