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Device in SCCM not showing in FNMS

Hi Forum,

there are few devices which are active in SCCM but they are not reflecting in FNMS cloud setup. What possible reasons we may take into consideration for this issue.



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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Winvarma,

This could be a number of things, I would suggest checking basics first - did the integration extract, and processing complete successfully the last time it ran? you should be able to see this in the Tasks. Then, can you view the integration processing logs on the server - it can be the case the devices may be flagged in there for a error. Are other, similar, devices being processed correctly - basically we are looking for anything that is unique about the devices you mentioned that may be causing a problem.

If you are processing inventory successfully, and other devices are being processed, and the logs are not indicating any errors, I would immediately open a ticket on this and engage our support - they will be happy to work with you. Just check the basics first - in my experience, it can be something simple, as this is one of our most well used integrations.