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Using FNMS to manage network equipment

We are thinking of using FNMS (2818 R2 on-prem) to manage certain network hardware.  Some of our switches are arranged in a cascaded configuration.  One example is where we have 3 individual switches in a 'stack', which results in there being one 'machine name', but each switch has its unique serial number.  What would be the best way to get this configuration into FlexNet?  Would one use the sub-asset feature?  Just curious if anyone out there is doing this or something similar, and has come up with any best practices.

Thanks in advance!

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Douglas,

The sub-asset route would be one approach - I think its important to understand that the idea of managing "Non-Device Assets" is more related to the Business or Financial aspects of the Asset, rather than the configuration aspect as you refer to.

I'm assuming the single "machine-name" you reference is derived from a network discovery solution? If so, then this may be how that solution recognizes the device, but how does your business do this? Are the 3 devices separate e.g. can they be replaced individually or, if they have individual serial numbers - then it may be better to have 3 assets. 

Our approach is not to provide a network management / configuration utility in FNMS, but rather a repository where different asset types can be added and associated with the Organizational elements.

Hope this helps!