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Corporate Unit - Business Adapter

As of now we are updating Corporate Unit in Bulk through excel via Business Adapter.

Can we automate it in Business Adapter using subnet ? If Corporate Unit is blank then it will check the subnet mask and according to subnet mask it will update Corporate Unit.

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Hi @msutharh ,

We can use that option for updating the device locations using sub-nets and not sure for the Corporate units via a business Adapter. That will be interesting to know if it can be done. thanks for raising the query






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We are using that option for Location update. But still we need to update Corporate Unit Manually.

@MurrayPeters @ChrisG Is there option to update Corporate Unit automatically based on Subnet mask via Business Adapater ?

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You will need a custom Business Import to do this. You'll need a mapping table or logic of some kind to apply to your existing machines.

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