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Error "No such file or directory" while sending capability request by using caprequestutil when hostid contains "/" or "\".

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Symptoms: While sending a capability request from command line to FNO user is getting Error "No such file or directory" by using caprequestutil when request is sent from Linux machine and hostid contains "/". Similarly when the request sent from Wi...
by Revenera dekumar Revenera

FlexNet Publisher versus FlexNet Embedded license server

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SummaryHow does a FlexNet Publisher work compared to a FlexNet Embedded license server?QuestionWhat's the difference between how a FlexNet Publisher (FNP) and FlexNet Embedded (FNE) license server work?AnswerAn FNE license server and an FNP license s...
by mtbruce Flexera Alumni

Flc vs Flx FlexNet Embedded functions

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SummaryThis article will help to describe the differences between the Flc* and Flx* functions in the Flexnet Embedded API.QuestionWhat is the difference between the Flc_* functions and the Flx_* funcitons in the Flexnet Embedded API?AnswerThe Flc_* f...
by Revenera Community Admin sflynn Revenera Community Admin
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