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SSL certificate error after updating MacOS client to FNE 2019.11 or FNE 2019.04

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Symptoms: After updating MacOS build system to use FNE 2019.11 or FNE 2019.04 from 2019.02, following error occurs while trying to connect to FNO: LM_ERROR: comms send: [1,7e3,b,0[74000008,3c,10060221]] Generic communications error.[1,7e3,b,0[750000...
by Flexera dekumar Flexera

FlexNet Publisher versus FlexNet Embedded license server

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SummaryHow does a FlexNet Publisher work compared to a FlexNet Embedded license server?QuestionWhat's the difference between how a FlexNet Publisher (FNP) and FlexNet Embedded (FNE) license server work?AnswerAn FNE license server and an FNP license s...
by mtbruce Flexera Alumni

How To Diagnose SSL/TLS Negotiation Problems

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Summary When the FlexNet Operations backoffice removes support for older versions of TLS, communication between the backoffice and .NET XT clients may be disrupted. The cause for the disruption has been traced to .NET XT client applications being bu...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

Flc vs Flx FlexNet Embedded functions

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SummaryThis article will help to describe the differences between the Flc* and Flx* functions in the Flexnet Embedded API.QuestionWhat is the difference between the Flc_* functions and the Flx_* funcitons in the Flexnet Embedded API?AnswerThe Flc_* f...
by Revenera sflynn Revenera

Activation ID from TS for returning licenses

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QuestionHow to get the activation ID from TS or by other means such that user of producer's software does not need to provide the activation id when they wish to return the license?Answer1. If you include the activation ID in the license model with t...
by mmanna Flexera Alumni

Can you have more than 1 product with a preinstalled device license?

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SummaryCan you have more than 1 product with a preinstalled device license?QuestionUsing FlexNet Operation (FNO) 2017 R1 along with FlexNet Embedded (FNE), when creating a device in FNO, you have the option to add preinstalled licenses. However, the ...
by mtbruce Flexera Alumni