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Welcome, FlexNet Embedded newcomers!

Welcome, FlexNet Embedded newcomers!

New to FlexNet Embedded and not sure where to start? Then this article is for you! In this guide, we outline your next steps in order to have a successful journey with the FlexNet Embedded product. 

Obtain Your Producer Information

Upon purchasing FlexNet Embedded, you should have received two emails from Revenera: 

  • Order Confirmation email:
    This email not only contains your organization's order information, but it also contains your organization's [Account ID] and [Product ID] details required to register for the Revenera Community.
    Note: Registering on the Revenera Community with your Account ID and Product ID, as well as approved access to the Product and License Center, is mandatory to download the FlexNet Embedded product and its resources. 
  • Production Keys email:
    This email contains your organization's producer information (vendor and vendor keys) required to build your FlexNet Embedded licensed application and other licensing components. 

Access the Product and Other Product Resources

1. Register for the Revenera Community

Using the Account ID and Product ID details from the order confirmation email, sign up for the Revenera Community. Check out our Welcome to the Revenera Community help article for more information.

2. Get access to the Product and License Center

If you are the original recipient of the order confirmation email, you were automatically designated your organization's Product and License Center Administrator (PLC Admin). With the PLC Admin role, you can manage Product and License Center access for your team members once they sign up for the community. This can be done using the Product and License Center User Administration page.

If you were not the original recipient of the order confirmation email, you will need to sign up for the community and request access from your PLC Admin. If you do not know who in your organization has the PLC Admin role, please contact Revenera Technical Support for assistance.

3. Download the product

Once you've gained access to the Product and License Center, navigate to Product List -> FlexNet Licensing -> FlexNet Embedded. From here you can download the FlexNet Embedded local license server and toolkit by platform. 

4. Access product documentation

Download the FlexNet Embedded developer related documentation. This is available on the Product and License Center under Product List -> FlexNet Licensing -> FlexNet Embedded -> FlexNet Embedded Documentation. For license server administration documentation, visit the FlexNet Embedded section of the Documentation Site.

Prepare Your Producer-Specific Resources

Follow the instructions in the following documents to install and prepare your producer-specific FlexNet Embedded resources:

  • Toolkit: FlexNet Embedded User Guide (platform-specific)
  • Local license server: FlexNet Embedded License Server Producer Guide

If you plan to use FlexNet Embedded with FlexNet Operations, you must create your producer/producer identity within FlexNet Operations. Please see the Getting Started with FlexNet Embedded Licensing section of the FlexNet Operations User Guide for more information.

Stay Up to Date

Be sure to subscribe to the FlexNet Embedded News blog to receive product release and other important notifications. You can also subscribe to the Software Monetization Release Schedule* to keep track of upcoming FlexNet Embedded releases.

*Note: Requires community login

Learn More or Get Help

The Revenera Community offers a variety of resources to learn about the FlexNet Embedded product:

If you run into a problem or have questions, you can use the following resources:

*Note: Requires community login

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