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Activation ID from TS for returning licenses

Activation ID from TS for returning licenses


How to get the activation ID from TS or by other means such that user of producer's software does not need to provide the activation id when they wish to return the license?


1. If you include the activation ID in the license model with the Vendor String defined as {EntitlementLineItem.activationId} then your product user will have the Activation ID(s) in Trusted Storage. If the activation ID is part of the vendor string then the client application will have access to it PROGRAMATICALLY as it can be obtained via FNE API. You would need to explicitly code this but in the end, the user NEED NOT enter the Activation ID.
Please refer to the attached file (ActivationID_in_TS) for a brief example and how this would work.

2. ManageDeviceService web service has a getDevicesQuery that can take the device ID or alias as the query parameter, and addOnActivationId can be configured to be returned in the response. But this web service is governed by some license restrictions.
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Where is the attachment ActivationID_in_TS

Hi @sanatupadhyay ,

Attachment is missing in the KB. But please have a look of substitution variable here "".

Once the License model is created using the desired vendor string, you can associate it to product and then create an entitlement using the same product. Then after you can map the entitlement to device and generate the license. Now this license will have the vendor string information which you need.

I hope this helps.

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