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Symptoms:  Setting up a FlexNet Embedded local license server seems to be broadcasting, UDP messages on port 1947 Diagnosis: HASP APIs, which were embedded as a third-party vendor in the FlexNet Embedded local license server, are broadcasting UDP m...
Symptoms: Building of the Production FNP Licensing Toolkit with the default makefile.act for Trusted Storage may result in the error:   .\preptool.exe -v ..\machind\activation\prep_xml\tsactdiag_app.xmlTrusted config procesing failed : 'publisher\De...
Symptoms: Link error "unresolved external symbol _pthread_mutex_lock lchostid" after upgrading my current FNP Windows toolkit to FNP 11.18   Diagnosis: Started to support PTHREADS4W on windows platform from FNP v11.18.0.0   Solution: Requires li...
Symptoms: Webservice example of how to disassociate a User who is part of multiple Accounts   Diagnosis: How to programmatically disassociate a User from an Account   Solution: Use the UserAcctHierarchyService?wsdl  Import the UserAcctHierarchyS...
Symptoms:  How to change the default location of trusted storage via the CapabilityRequest.c example for the Windows Platform and the Linux-Based Platform   Diagnosis:  Here is the original Default location example:   if (!FlcLicensingCreate( &lic...
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