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FlexNet Embedded Knowledge Base

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FlexNet Embedded Knowledge Base

FNE Licensing exception: PosixMutexImpl: Could not verify lockfile directory access rights

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Question When we do system restart to load license module, following error occurs: Licensing exception: Internal error: Error in FNE protocol: PosixMutexImpl::PosixMutexImpl: Could not verify lockfile directory access rights: No such file or director...
by Revenera dekumar Revenera

Unpatched Windows system causes XT kit tamper detection

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Introduction: When running one of FNE XT Kits on an older unpatched version of Windows we have seen several incidents where our tamper detection mechanism is triggered, resulting in the inability to run the software. For example, running the capabili...
by Revenera Community Admin sflynn Revenera Community Admin

Error "Host's UUID does not match expected UUID for that host ID"

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Question: What is the error "Host's UUID does not match expected UUID for that host ID" means while trying to activate Licenses on Local License Server (LLS) from FlexNet Operations. Answer: "The UUID is generated by FNO when a device first sen...
by Revenera dekumar Revenera