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FlexNet Publisher versus FlexNet Embedded license server

FlexNet Publisher versus FlexNet Embedded license server


How does a FlexNet Publisher work compared to a FlexNet Embedded license server?


What's the difference between how a FlexNet Publisher (FNP) and FlexNet Embedded (FNE) license server work?


An FNE license server and an FNP license server are entirely different animals.

FNE uses regenerative (replacement) licensing, whereas FNP uses iterative licensing (via dynamic license pools). So while FNP would have an active job handle with heartbeats taking up RAM (memory) via the vendor-specific license pool, FNE license checkouts work more like FNP activations. With an FNE license server, memory activity is limited to when the capability requests are actually exchanged. After that, the server is back to idle again (as all the client licenses are completely refreshed with each capability exchange, per the regenerative model).

Additional Information

Chapter 10 "FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Embedded Comparison" from the FNE Client C SDK User Guide provides some high-level similarities and differences between the products.
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