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Solved App Portal Web Service Minimum IIS Roles

We have a customer that does not have IIS installed on their Primary Site server. They are working on installing the App Portal Web Service and would like to know what the minimum IIS roles are that are required.

dcopher by Level 6
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AppPortal - Users are able to see all requests

Have you had any reports of users being able to see all requests in the AppPortal, even though they don't have the access? We had a user yesterday, that was able to see everyone's AppPortal request even though they didnt have access. This seems to ma...

Solved Integration with FNMS

When connecting App Portal to FNMS is it best to use the FSG, or just a direct connection?  I have heard mixed answers on this and trying to get some clarification.  When you only implementing two products such as FNMS and App Portal is the FSG actua...

Solved ESD Service Randomly Stops

Has there been any reported issues of ESD Service Crashing in AppPortal 2019 R1? 3 times in the passed two weeks. The ESDService log will stop at Check if Configmgr Connection exist. We found the below in Application LogsFaulting application name: ES...

Solved Approvals - auto approve and default search dates

As a background we use App Portal to review new software for the company and have a 7 level approval workflow.  Most of the time when an approvers gets the request for approval email, they click on View or Approve and because the default search only ...

Solved Flexible Approval Replies

I'm wondering if anyone has used the flexible approval and have it successfully update the request id.  We have it configured in our development environment and the emails show the links to approve or reject and the keywords are successfully translat...

Solved App Survey

HI Team,I am working to configure the settings to be able to use APP Survey and Possibly Clone\migrate. Some of the settings were already set because we have test with 1 application a long time go with clone\migrate.We have set our deployment technol...