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OSD - Prompt Requester to install additional applications

Under  AppPortal Admin > Settings > Deployment > OS Deployment. The option to Prompt Requestor to select additional applications is global across all OSD Catalog Items. Is there a way to make the prompt only show for certain OSD Items?  

For instance Windows 10 End User Upgrade: They will see the Auto Detect Installed Apps, and not get the additional prompt to install additional applications. 

Windows 10 Admin Upgrade: They will just get the option to install Additional Applications to select from the list. 


All i can see currently, is the Prompt is a Global Option, but hoping im missing something. 

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
There is no setting for this at the catalog item level.. I know that App Portal will not prompt you to select additional applications if this is just a task sequence checkout (rather than an OSD).. Not sure what you are doing for the "end user upgrade", but do you need to make this catalog item an OSD catalog item?

We are looking to have two catalog items set as an OSD item. 

One item, will pull the inventory and allow the users to select the applications they have on their machine to install during the OSD Task Sequence. 

The other item, will give our Local Field Analyst the access to the entire catalog of applications to install, that will allow them to select individual applications to install during the OS Deployment.

We wanted to have two different catalog items with one of the features added to each. I see you can't set that as a catalog item level. Can we submit an enhancement request?

Could you use a single OSD catalog item and leverage roles for this? You would have to add all of the catalog items you want available to your local field analysts into the role, and any time you add new catalog items, you'd have to update the role to include those new items. But if that option works for you, you could then use conditions to determine if the requester is a local field analyst or not and only display the role-based applications to those local field analysts.
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Good point! Let me look into that