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Solved Notification email image not showing

I am setting up some custom header images on my development server and the image shows on the server if I use src="http://localhost/ESD/Images/Customer/AppPortalheader.jpg" Using the server name, the image disappears so I tested in Edge and using loc...

Solved ServiceNow connection to App Broker not working

When setting up the integration between App Broker and ServiceNow in order to use ServiceNow as the front-end catalog, there are steps to configure a connection from App Broker to ServiceNow, and there are steps to configure a connection from Service...

jdempsey by Moderator
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Solved Categories not showing under Browse Catalog

I just upgraded 2021 R2 over a 2019 R1 database.  Everything seems to be working except for the categories. When on the Browse Catalog tab none of the categories are not showing.  The user.log has no errors, AD logs have no errors, I've deleted cache...

Solved Multiple approval workflows on checkout

Is it possible for an application item, when requested, to go through more than one approval workflows after the request has been submitted. The case for this would be a requester completes a questionnaire. The main question has a check box. Each che...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Query to get users groups within named Approval Groups

I have a list of App Portal Catalog Item Approval Groups. I want to find the user groups for each Approval group. I had a look at the tables – but can’t work out a query that will get me what I want. So … does anyone have a SQL Query to list the user...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved My Apps Keep Selection Questions

We are implementing My Apps in our environment.  We have two questions: 1.) When we tested selecting "Keep" for an application, it sent the global Software/General Catalog Item Request Order email.  We do not understand that.  The user already has th...