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Unable to add Intune/Jamf Package to Existing Catalog Item

In a new App Broker instance that doesn't utilize SCCM/ConfigMgr at all and is only connected to Intune and  Jamf, we can create new catalog items and add packages to them from both of those deployment tools, however when we try to add a package/application from those deployment tools to existing general catalog items (to turn them into software CI's) we run into problems.

For the Intune side of things we get an error that shows in the website.log as "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection".

For the Jamf side of things there is no error, but instead when a window pops up to add a Distribution Point the drop down to do so is empty, and therefore we can't save the package to add it to the CI.

I already tried restarting IIS, renaming the CI slightly and saving it, and rebooting the AB app server based on other recommendations here in the community with no luck. 


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I believe Support has a hotfix for the Intune issue (I've used it myself, but not sure if it's an "official" hotfix).  I've not seen the Jamf issue before, but I can try reproducing it in my lab later this week.

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yep, not official, so that's why I don't post it to the community. Everyone is welcome to it, but I want to track who I give it to via a support case.

Thanks Jim. It sounds like there's an explanation for the Jamf issue relating to not having file share distribution points for App Broker to look for.

By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Adam,  both issues are familiar to me. I just created a ticket with engineering yesterday, to track the JAMF issue. The other issue will be fixed in 2024 R1, but I have a temporary fix you should be able use in the meantime. Can you open a support ticket, and let me know the case number, so that I can provide the fixes?


BTW, the JAMF issue has something to do with only having acloud distribution points, and no file share distribution points. App Broker currently only looks for file share distribution points, and if you do not have one, you can not create the deployment. 

Thanks Charles! The case number is 02842435.

Thanks! I took the case and will reply shortly.