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Scheduling Options at checkout - 'Select a Time' options are limited

We have  'Allow User Defined Scheduling' checked on most catalog items and we have a couple CIs where users must select a specific day/time in checkout because  'Allow ASAP scheduling' is NOT set. 

We noticed today that when someone goes to schedule an install during checkout, their options are limited.   

If we select today for the Date, we can pick several times, as expected,  but if we select any other day, we can only pick midnight for a time.   
This is not ideal of course, and seems to be new behavior today.   

Has anyone seen this before?   How did you resolve?
I do not see a constraint set but are there logs I can view that would show me if the code thinks there are constraints?   Is there something else I can check?



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I haven't really had any customers that use the scheduling option, but back when I first started at Flexera, I had played with it and don't recall such limitations.  Sounds like a bug to me.  Hopefully, someone else can lend some insights.

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