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Solved Attempting to configure Security Group Provisioning of AD Groups

We recently moved to Adobe Enterprise IDs with authentication by Microsoft Azure. I had AD groups created for each Adobe Product which links successfully for entitlement. I'm having trouble with Security Group provisioning within AppPortal. I created...

jrobs3 by Level 4
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Solved Email Parser error after upgrade to SP1

I upgraded our development environment on 1/15 and since the upgrade the MailParser_error.log has the error below every  5 minutes and the MailParser.log has not looked for any pending approvals since the upgrade. I uninstalled SP1 and the error in t...

Solved Customize Notification Email

Is there a way to add official logos/images into the automatically generated notification emails that come from App Broker and go to end users? More specifically asking about the emails sent to users regarding reclamation.

Displaying Custom information for end user in App Portal?

Hi, we are trying to customize the user information in App Portal to display a custom field called Cost Center in when placing an order for software it automatically pulls this information in.  We have this in another system and we are wondering how ...

Solved Reclamation and license assignment

If Reclamation is set up in App Broker using Flex Net Management Suite for usage data - will the App Broker reclamation deallocate a license that's not being used when the installation reaches the reclamation threshold? Or will it just uninstall the ...

sara_b by Level 4
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SCCM App Dependencies

I'm trying to create an AppPortal catalog entry for a SCCM Application that has a dependency.  The primary (dependent) application.. A license registration script and the dependency is the client install (which is installed if it currently does not e...

Compliance Management tab filter on Uninstalled Yes

I've recently noticed that when viewing alerts for an application in compliance management and using the filter for Uninstalled - Yes, the data is refreshed and the Is Expired column shows Yes for the data but the Is Uninstalled still shows No even t...

Rerun advertisement

Can anyone provide me basic understanding on what is Rerun advertisement from App Portal stand point, what it do and how? Does AppPortal service account require admin access on local workstation?