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"Show Installed Apps" not working

In our environment (AP2019 R1 SP1),  we are integrated with FlexNet manager and have the "Show Installed Apps" option enabled in the console, but when browsing the catalog items, this indicator is not displaying as expected.    What else could be cau...

Solved Approvals bypassed

I have a strange anomaly with 2 requests submitted yesterday for the same user.  The user submitted 2 separate requests for the same general catalog item that has 7 levels of approval.  The request logs show an insert to approval process for all the ...

Solved What does the Uninstall Date represent?

In App Broker when kicking off a reclamation campaign, the Uninstall Date looks to be in the future. For instance, a policy that was started this morning shows a 3:47pm uninstall date for today. Is this the expected uninstall date based on SCCM sched...

Solved Enhancing Visibility options

Hello,Anyone know if there is a way to add/use other AD properties to the Visibility Tab of a Catalog Item. Currently we only have three (City, Company and Office).I want to hide Catalog Items for people who have a specific AD Job Title.Thanks.

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Displayed Checkout cost value

Our App Portal is not integrated with FNMS. Has anyone come across a way to update the Checkout cost value that is displayed during the Choose Target step of a users checkout?I did try to update the DB directly on a test Catalog item. I used: Update ...

NicOla by Level 7
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AP Search bar behavior - "Search Catalog" text

We have customer feedback surveys that folks can submit after requests are fulfilled, in order to provide feedback on their experience.    We regularly get feedback regarding the search bar and how it is difficult to find (which surprises me to be ho...

Solved Bulk Import and connection to SCCM Application

We're trying to complete a bulk import of existing SCCM entries into App Portal.   We're using the Powershell script as provided by our Flexera technician.  When we run the script, all appears errors.After reviewing he content within the App...

App portal - Bulk switching of requests

HelloWe are using Flexera AppPortal 2017 R2Some times we have to switch requests from one catalog to another in a bulk. At times there would be 40 to 50 requests of this case. Is there any API for switching requests? I know that there are APIs to can...

SQL Query to pull pending requests by 2nd level Approver

We have few items that have 2 approvers (sequential), noticing some are pending for 2nd level approver.Would it be possible to get a SQL query to pull a report that list the order#, Request, Title, user for the items that are pending for 2nd level ap...

nalinih by Level 6
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