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Solved Requests in Last 6 months

Hello App Broker Board Readers,I need to pull a list of all requests from the last 6 months.I see our out of the box reporting tab generates a report for us called “Requests in Last 30 Days” do you know if there is a way to get requests in the last 6...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Catalog Item Actions: Defined

I've been looking for definitions of the default "Current Events and Actions" items. I'm not seeing these defined anywhere. Can somebody point me to where these items are defined. To be fair, they seem fairly straight forward but what I'm curious abo...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved Ticket creation in ServiceNow using REST api

We are implementing ServiceNow and have been provided a URL for the ServiceNow REST apis. However, within the ITSM integration in App Broker it appears to only be able to configure a WSDL URL.Would we need to request the URL for a SOAP based webservi...

Solved AppPortal - Error Cleaning Variable

We are doing OS Deployments through AppPortal and are having issues with cleaning the variables. Is the ESD Service supposed to add the ESDWebservice.asmx to the site server for SCCM? Or would this manually need to be placed on the site server? http:...

Solved App Portal/App Broker and SCCM Deployments

Is there a way or report to look at the package deployment settings on catalog Items for a large number of Catalog items in App Portal to be able to compare to the deployment settings in SCCM?

PBolles by Level 6
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Solved App Portal User Sync Function

Scenario: Imported all users from SCCM and found that this was not filtered appropriately (svc accounts and admin accounts were showing).We have changed the user sync query to exclude said accounts but this does not change our imported users. Does do...

dcopher by Level 6
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It is possible to change target computer when reinstalling applications from their original requests?

use case scenario:One user installed the application "A" on the computer "X" through the Request R n° 1Later same user has changed his computer from "X" to "Y"Now the user wants to install the application “A” on computer “Y” but, without having to pl...

Solved App Portal: https - SCCM: http

We have a customer where in production their App Portal is set up as HTTPS and the SCCM site server is set up as HTTP. When trying to integrate with the ESDWebService on the SCCM server we're getting an error that basically says the web service canno...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved LastTime column NULL when request is self approved

I have a query that finds general catalog items that were approved the previous day and creates a report. I'm using the Authorized column and the LastTime column to determine if the request was approved. I found some requests that aren't being picked...

Solved Email Notification Not Going Out

Trying to test the email that users receive when they have applications that are about to be reclaimed, I have included a collection of test machines and have successfully added those machines to the WD_MyAppsAlert table. Everything is working as far...