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Permissions needed for User Impersonation

We are trying to determine what "Admin Security" or/or "Catalog Security" permissions are needed for a user to create and delete User Impersonations in App Portal. 

Our hope was that we could grant this ability to some of our support folks, without granting them too much functionality within the system.  I tried giving them the highest "Admin Security / Active Directory" permission but that allows them to see the impersonations, but not manage them (create/delete/etc).   

Right now it appears as though we may need to give them full "Site Management read/write)" perms for them to be able to configure impersonations, and we were hoping to avoid that if possible.

Any idea on what the minimum permissions are to be able to configure User Impersonations?




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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Kevin,  I've emailed you directly with a fix..