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Compliance Management tab filter on Uninstalled Yes

I've recently noticed that when viewing alerts for an application in compliance management and using the filter for Uninstalled - Yes, the data is refreshed and the Is Expired column shows Yes for the data but the Is Uninstalled still shows No even t...

Rerun advertisement

Can anyone provide me basic understanding on what is Rerun advertisement from App Portal stand point, what it do and how? Does AppPortal service account require admin access on local workstation?

App Broker and Port 80

A customer is looking for clarification on what ports will be used on their upcoming App Broker implementation. The customer has cloud FNMS and is using port 443 everywhere that’s possible for FNMS, but wants to make sure that port 80 will not be use...

Solved Incoming email error

I'm testing in our development environment and noticed an error in the EmailParser_Error.log that I haven't had success resolving.  I don't think it's App Portal since nothing has changed on the server when the error began but I'm wondering if anyone...

App Broker keeps reinstalling software on users computer

For application type catalog item deployed through SCCM App Broker seems to continuously reinstall the approved software on the user's computer even after they have updated to a different version of the software or uninstalled the program. Is there a...

Solved New App Portal Site

We currently have App Portal connected to SCCM, but are standing up a new App Portal instance and want to connect it to the same SCCM.  Is it possible to have two separate App Portal instances connected to the same SCCM?If not is there anything that ...

goody612 by Level 8
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Compliance Management

Exploring the capabilities with using the license reclamation, Retire Campaign, and upgrade campaign. When I set up a retire campaign, I am not seeing any devices, even though FNMS shows devices for the particular Flexera ID. We are not using the Fle...

goody612 by Level 8
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App Portal Software Categories

I'm working at setting up the App Portal software categories and have been using the FNMS categories for the time being. I find that they are not user friendly for "non-technical" people.What are community members using for App Portal categories?