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Solved Targeted Devices Column Missing in Reclamation Policy

We've noticed recently that some App Broker environments show a Targeted Devices column when viewing Reclamation Policies and some do not. Upon preliminary investigation it seems that instances connect to FNMS cloud are missing this, while ones conne...

Solved Catalog Security + Security Group

We have a customer that is trying to use security groups to control access to different role within AppPortal. We can add the security group without issue and I see no clear issues. The security groups are not granting the access. Example, trying to ...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved App Portal: Site DNS Address Value

Issue that generated this question: ran into an issue as a result setting our Site DNS Address to a VIP on an implementation where the web server did no...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved Support for ServiceNow New York

Does App Broker 2019R1 support ServiceNow New York? If not is there a timeline that can be reported to customers when that can be expected to happen? I can see in App Broker documentation that Kingston, London and Madrid are supported, but can't find...

Solved Variables in Notifications

We're using App Portal 2016 11.0.4 with SCCM/Casper integration.When a user requests a Windows software, they get the out of the box "Software -Data" notification. Where does the information come from on the variables in the notifications? Specifical...

sara_b by Level 4
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AppPortal / SCCM Status

Where can I find the status code that SCCM has returned to AppPortal?We are currently running AppPortal 2019 R2 with SCCM. There have been many cases that AppPortal reports a failed install (and kicks off a ServiceNow incident) when, in fact, the ins...

Solved Remedy Wrapper / AppPortal VIP

We have a customer wherein AppPortal is configured behind a VIP. The routing has worked without issue up until now.  When we Create Default Operations for Remedy integration we get the following error back. It looks like we need to allow the web serv...

dcopher by Level 6
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"On Submit" action question

Does the regular submission process wait for the "On Submit" action to complete? Prior to AP2019, we were (successfully) injecting content into the request notification email, but now the notification email is getting sent before the content is updat...

404 Error when creating new reclamation policy

A customer is trying to start setting up reclamation policies, but in the Compliance Management tab, under My Apps when trying to add Flexera ID's using any of the three green + buttons and error occurs. It seems that a login error is occurring when ...

Solved ERROR: The remote name could not be resolved

It would appear our old SCCM Server still referenced somewhere when attempting to DeleteESDObjects. The Error Logs indicate "The remote name could not be resolved: <old sccm servername>" and refer to the DeleteESDOjects.log. Upon checking the log, it...

jrobs3 by Level 4
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