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Is there an automated way to pull unlicensed Flex ID's into App Portal?

Is there an automated process to bring in Flex ID's into App Portal for unlicensed applications? We are also having a hard time matching what we have to what is actually in the ARL

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
Sorry, I'm not seeing an automated way to do this.. When linking the ARL to your catalog items, you will not typically want to add the version to the product name.. In this case, you would want to set the product Name to "one-x Agent". In addition, you could set the version to 2.5 and the Publisher to Avaya..

I suppose, if you wanted to automate this, you could always start with a list of unlicensed software, exported from FNMS, and then use this to drive the creation of catalog items in App Portal using the CreateNewCatalogItem API in integration.asmx..
Charles, Thank you for the response!