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Catalog Item Templates

I’m looking for some guidance on using Catalog Item Templates. I use Catalog Item Templates to successfully copy Catalog Item settings from-- General -> Global tab (for example the ‘Request options’ get copied)-- Actions tabThese work really well and...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Alternate way to add a command

Is it possible to Add a new command (PowerShell script) by copying it directly into …\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\App Portal\Web\Uploads\Commands without going through the Admin (Site Management – Commands & Actions – Script Commands : NewCo...

NicOla by Level 7
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App Portal / App Broker

Is it possible to globally update  a Catalog Title name that has a specific common word in each title.  We would like to find the common word and replace /rename it with another.  We have hundreds of Catalog items needing a specific word rename and w...

Software Leasing in AppPortal

A software is enabled leasing for 7 days, now a user shops the application and use it.  On day 7, the software gets uninstalled automatically, will the user be able to shop the software again and use it for another 7 days?do we have option to restric...

Solved MyApp Email Notification

Hi GuysI just want to ask, every when does the reclamation process runs in MyApps? I am trying to migrate our reclamation process from legacy "License Reclamation" to "MyApps" and i have been doing some testing. I have set the threshold to 2 days and...

Solved Server in place upgrades

Our servers are currently on Windows 2012 R2 and our server admins are looking to do an in place upgrade to 2016 or 2019.  They are concentrating first on the application servers and at a later date upgrading the database servers.Is there any things ...

Nested Approvals

Is there any way to nest approvals with AppPortal for grouped catalog items? Example being you have a grouping for New Computer and Optional OS wherein the OS workflow we not fire off until the Computer workflow was approved.

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved Flexible approval stopping

Hello,We have our flexible/email approve processing working for a small number of catalog items (the ##RequestID## is in the subject line for these specific items).We were due to update the default template for ‘Software - Request For Approval’, howe...

NicOla by Level 7
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