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Enabling Express checkout – Catalog Item cards displaying in random positions

When we set up our App Portal, we customised the look of with the help of a Flexera resource. We use a card catalog view.

Up to now we have not enabled Express Checkout – but we would like to do this pretty soon.


I enabled it in or Dev environment (which mirrors our prod environment) – after enabling it, the Catalog Item cards/icons ended up being displayed in random positions. It would not happen on chrome when looking on a monitor, but would on chrome on a laptop (smaller screen), it would happen when using IE and reducing the size of the window.


After some investigation I edited the custom.less file (in our Dev environment) to remove






Now the icons will always display in a line …. But when I scroll to the bottom of the page the icons overlap onto a black background – which does not look nice. Also – the ‘Install Now’ button seems to hang a little below the Catalog Item Card.


Has anyone else come across this and found a solution?

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
I'm not seeing any issues in my 2019R1 environment. I tested against both chrome and IE as you had described... In your description, you start off by saying "we customised the look of with the help of a Flexera resource".. Can you elaborate more on what these customization's entailed? Perhaps these are impacting the behavior, which is why I'm not able to reproduce.


Thanks for your reply.

The Infrastructure Services Detailed Design doco provided by the Flexera Resource have a section around Custom Configurations – see below:


Custom Configurations 

The following custom configurations have been implemented.  All custom configuration files are are located in the G:\AppPortal\APImplFiles2017R1 (ImplFiles) folder on the App Portal Web Server.   

Custom Icons 

The App Portal logo has been replaced with the Customer logo.   All logos are located in the {ImplFiles}\web\Images\Customer folder.    

Style Sheets 

Custom stylesheets have been configured to tailor the App Portal web site to meet the Macquarie Bank style guide requirements.   The customised files are: 

  • {ImplFiles}\web\content\Custom.less 


We have since upgraded to 2019R1.

Do you think the answer is in the Custom.less  file? I have no idea about this.

I don't know what is in the "implFiles" folder, so I can not say if this might be contributing.. My guess, is that this is not contributing.. Probably contains a custom web service, or something of that nature.. Custom icons could potentially cause an issue, but the most likely cause would be custom .css.  Do you have an dev environment where you can reproduce the issue, and test with? My first suggestion would be to drop in an empty custom.less file to see if the issue persists. 

Thanks, I tried the empty custom.less in our dev environment and the issue did not present itself. We will have to keep our company skins on our Prod App Portal front end. I've engaged someone from our design team to look at the custom.less file to see if they can help.