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ServiceNow Connection Fails - 401 Error

After connecting a dev App Broker instance to an upgraded (New York) instance of ServiceNow, we are seeing successful tests of the connection in the AB UI, but when trying to sync the catalogs an error shows up in the ServiceNowIntegration.log statin...

Dashboard Dates

Receiving invalid date error in any of the date entries in the Dashboards. see sample attached.Tried several dates, Cleared history, tried IE, Edge, Chrome. Seems to have appeared since the last MS Windows update. Co-worker doesn't have the issue. Ha...

PBolles by Level 6
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Solved custom approval notification not sending to CC or BCC

I need to cc the Approval notification and it does not send the email to the CC address. I have verified the address is good and it works on the Order notification but not the approval request notification.Please help.

PBolles by Level 6
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Solved Deployment error

I get the following error when trying to "Install Now" any software that is listed in my catalog"Request submission has failed due to missing catalog to question answered" attached log file from serverAppPortal 2019 R1  

How much latency is considered acceptable?

I'm looking for some insight on latency with an on-prem App Broker implementation. A customer has server space in London for a US based implementation, but is concerned because we would have to accept 120ms of latency between London and where the SCC...

General Guidance on AppPortal / ServiceNow Integration

My customer has rolled out ServiceNow and AppPortal seperately. We are now looking at trying to get the tools to integrate. I see a lot in the Flexera documentation but was curious if there is any kind of general guidance or initial guidance that can...

afilla by Level 6
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OSD - Prompt Requester to install additional applications

Under  AppPortal Admin > Settings > Deployment > OS Deployment. The option to Prompt Requestor to select additional applications is global across all OSD Catalog Items. Is there a way to make the prompt only show for certain OSD Items?  For instance ...

Solved App Broker Database Connection Test Error

A customer running FNMS 2017 R3 and App Broker 2019 R1 is seeing the error "FNMS Database is missing the required View ID - 120000. Run the SQL script provided in your installed App Portal Web....." when clicking on the Test button under Flexera Inte...

App Portal : Requestor Auto Approve

We've made an observation that if a requester is also capable of approving a step on a linked workflow that they auto approve said step. Can this behavior be changed?

dcopher by Level 6
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Remedy Integration error

Product: App Portal 2018 R2We're seeing issues connecting remedy and App Portal for a customer. The error we see is "Unable to connect to the remote server." We see in the admin guide that it says "Do not use any special characters in the URL fields....

dcopher by Level 6
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