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Unexpected error while logging into APP Portal

We receive this error while logging to APP Portal, this issue occurs only for the privileged users. Normal users can able to shop the application and open website.Anyone please help with this error or seen this before?


Solved Advise on which User / Computer Relationship

We are using App Portal 2018 R1 which is integrated with SCCM CAS & we have set User / Computer relationship to Use SCCM Last Logon.   But we have VDI’s where the Hostname is dynamic & SCCM client is not deployed. So kindly let us know an alternate w...

Kevin_Hou by Flexera Alumni
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Solved List of recent Approvers

I’m looking to get a list of our App Portal active approvers – these would be approvers who approved a request within the last 6 months.Can anyone point me to the correct tables I need to be looking at so I can run a SQL query to get what I need.Any ...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Procurement Integration

A customer is looking to integrate App Broker with their Oracle based procurement tool. In order to make that connection, would that be done by using the ITSM Integration portion of the Site Management section of App Portal? I see there is an option ...

Solved Service Account - interactive or non-interactive

 Hello,Our App Portal service account in an interactive account. We want to change this to non-interactive for security reasons.I looked through the installation guides and it looks as though we only need a non-interactive account. Would there be any...

NicOla by Level 7
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Permissions needed for User Impersonation

We are trying to determine what "Admin Security" or/or "Catalog Security" permissions are needed for a user to create and delete User Impersonations in App Portal. Our hope was that we could grant this ability to some of our support folks, without gr...

Solved Flexible Approval Keywords

Just want to confirm that 'Flexible Approval - Approval Keywords' and 'Flexible Approval - Reject Keywords' ARE case sensitive.From my testing they seem to be.Thanks.

NicOla by Level 7
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