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Cloning VS Support

We are using Cloning to copy applications from an old computer to a new computer.  But in some cases those packages are not the most currently available, and we don't want those installed due to licensing.  We don't want the old packages visible to the enterprise, but we do want Cloning to be able to access them.  Is there a way to remove visibility from everyone in the UI, but still have the application available for Cloning?


Thank you

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I've not had a chance to verify this, but I believe clone migrate ignores visibility or category conditions. As such try adding a visibility condition to the catalog item to exclude domain users.. As an alternative, try moving these catalog items to a "clone/migrate" category, and place a category condition on the category to exclude domain users. Let me know your results.

Keep in mind that Clone/Migrate is typically an operation that is driven by admins/tech support and not end user self-service.  As such, you could just put visibility conditions on those items to limit them only to your administrative personnel (a little less restrictive than Charlie's suggestion of excluding Domain Users, which  would exclude everyone).  I'd also go with Charlie's recommendation to create a Clone/Migrate category and set the conditions there rather than on individual catalog items.

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