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Solved Retirement Campaign check for targeted devices

Once a Retirement Campaign is setup to uninstall an application if left enabled how often or when does it pick up newly installs of the application that has been identified to be retired.Example: setup retirement campaign for unauthorized application...

PBolles by Level 6
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Retirement Campaign

Where can I modify the Retirement Campaign Notification of a successful uninstall?I tried the  Site Management<Communications<Notification<License Reclamation<My7 Apps - License Reclamation Automatic Uninstall but no effect on the Retirement Campaign...

PBolles by Level 6
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Solved Turn off approver email for one catalog item in App Portal

We just upgraded to App Portal 2019 R1.  We were hoping we would find a way to turn off email notification for an individual catalog item.  It looks like it is still only a global option in the Site Management\Settings\Email section.Is there some way...

Solved Express Checkout setup

I am looking into setting up express checkout in our App Portal. I’m have a couple of questions someone might be able to help me with. Initially I would like to enable ‘Install Now’ for a select number of applications but it looks like it is all or n...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved SQL Query for 2 questions/responses

We have a general catalog item that has 29 questions (its to review new desktop/laptop/SaaS) software for the company). Our auditors have asked for a report of all software in this item where the user is asking for SaaS  so I'm trying to build a quer...

FNMS Inventory not in sync with App Portal

We have a catalog item in On-prem App Portal [App Portal 2019 R1 (]It is linked to FNMS (V2019 R2).   The inventory in FNMS is higher than what App Portal shows.  How do I get this in sync?See my attachment for screenshots. 

Solved App Broker No Longer Accesseble after DNS Redirection

I'm just looking for any advice on troubleshooting steps for a new App Broker instance that I can no longer access after working with the customer to get DNS redirection working. Even when using the server name in the url I only get a "This page can'...

App Portal Log Maintenance - Best Practice

Hello - I am curious to hear from other fellow App Portal (2017) users their best practices in place to handle logs. While some logs are "capped" and do not exceed a certain size, we have noticed some other logs are not that way. Some of our biggest ...

elewis by Level 4
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Solved Deployment tab - Global settings

We are starting to deploy the Microsoft Store for Business apps in App Portal (2019 R1) and a couple of questions have come up.Previously in older versions there was  a bug on the Automatically fail if Final status is not received after ..... hours.A...