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"Purge Email History" not working

For the longest time we would get time-outs when searching thru the Email log in the console, I noticed today that we have over 2.8 million rows in the WD_MailQueue table.   I checked the purge setting which is set to the default of 30 days, but I assume they are not being purged.  

Obviously I can manually purge notifications over 30 days old via SQL.... is there anything else I should look at? 



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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

Seems as if I've seen this before, but I really don't have a good explanation for this.. App portal is supposed to purge the emails once a day using the following query:

DELETE FROM WD_MailQueue WHERE DateProcessed < DateAdd(day, -30, GetDate())

My assumption at this point is that the process broke down for a while, and once things started running again the number of rows in the table was large enough that the query started timing out.. What I don't know is what broke down the process. It really is quite straight forward. The log file named EmailPurge.log might provide you with some information about the current problem, but not about how it got into this stated.. I assume that you see recent activity in this log file, but it is showing some type of timeout exception? 

Ultimately, all I can suggest would be to purge the emails manually, and ensure that the purge process starts working again.

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