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Solved Test email returns error

Has anyone experienced issues with using the Test Email function under Settings - Email? We are experiencing errors in both our development and production server even though emails are going out. The parameter 'addresses' cannot be an empty string. P...

question localization

hi, Is it possible to put a format in the translation?  Ex:you have a phraseEX:  this is the exampleto be doneWhen I try to do the example it doesn't keep the format.Is it possible to keep it?

Solved Integration with procurement system

I'm looking for some details on what is possible regarding integrating App Broker (with ServiceNow) with a procurement system. A new customer currently has a very manual process in place for requesting/deploying software and they are looking to help ...

Solved App Portal 2018 R1 Supported OS

Does App Portal 2018 R1 support Windows Server 2019? In the doc all it says is "Windows Server 2012 or later".

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved Bulk catalog item creation in App Portal

Curious if anyone has done a bulk load of catalog items into App Portal to include the mapping to the SCCM apps?Was going to look into a script to do this, but wanted to ask the question here first. Thanks!

Solved App Portal Intunes

Hi GuysDoes App Portal support InTunes deployment? W are planning to shift some of our application from ConfigMgr to Intunes and was wondering if this is currently supported.

Solved Testing deployment failure with SCCM

I'm looking for some advice on how to perform a testing scenario that incorporates an installation failure with SCCM, in order to confirm the result in ServiceNow is what we are expecting. Our initial thought is to simply uninstall the SCCM client on...

Solved Changing AppPortal to use FQDN instead of <servername>/esd

We installed AppPortal back in 2015 using just the server name and set a DNS alias for it.  Edge was just implemented company wide nd when users access the site either by using the DNS alias or <servername>/esd they get the Not Secure warning in the ...