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Solved ESDService not retrying collection inserts after error

I've noticed twice now that when the ESD Service encounters an error when attempting a collection insert it does not attempt another one until the ESD Service is restarted. Is this by design?App Portal v2018 R1

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved AB integration with Mulesoft (Anypoint Platform)

We have Integrated App Broker (On-Prem) with ServiceNow (Cloud instance).Anypoint (Mulesoft) is a lightweight, scalable runtime engine for APIs, integrations, and microservices. Deploy anywhere with our hybrid integration platform — on-premises, on t...

Gauraav by Level 4
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Solved Email Notifications for new note entry and file upload

1. Is it possible to make "Notify current approver" and "Notify requester" automatically checked by default instead of unchecked when adding a new note entry to a request?2. Is it possible to add an email notification to the approver or requester whe...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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App portal Category mismtach

Hi Team,We are facing issues with many users as the SSP category is getting mismatched with the business unit taggedSo can you please help us why the users are getting the wrong category tagged.    

Questions and Question Templates associated with Catalog Items

We created Questions and Question Templates in App Broker and they are linked to Catalog Items.So, we have 3 tables in DB WD_QuestionWD_QuestionTemplateWD_WebpackagesHow can I find out which Question Template is associated with which Catalog item?WD_...

Gauraav by Level 4
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Solved Reclamation switch to Retirement issue

Ran a license reclamation a few months back on an applications to find out who is still using the application get as many uninstalled as possible. Last week disabled the License reclamation and setup a retire campaign for the same application and ARL...

PBolles by Level 6
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Approval workflow modified report

I would like to get a report on requests where the Approval workflow has been modified. Ideally where level 1 or level 2 workflow approvers have been removed. Is this possible – even if it’s a direct DB query.We’re still running 2019R1.

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Update image for Catalog items

I want to update images for 100+ of my App Portal catalog items. Can I upload all the .png files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\App Portal\Web\Backgrounds\PackagesThen run the following SQL update: update WD_WebPackagesset ImagePath = 'pg...

NicOla by Level 7
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